Personal Best Performance

Personal best performance isn’t just for athletes.

Grace Hannah, Director of People:

“At CCUK, our mission is to do ideas, relationships and results better than ANYONE else. Our expectations of our people are equally ambitious; create unmissable moments for our listeners, transform our customers’ businesses and deliver your personal best performance every year. It’s brave, but we’ve proven it is possible. With the right set of goals, desire and belief, it is inevitable.

Every employee from the CEO down has a PB plan in place which sets out stretching goals for the year ahead. But, before you move forward with your goals you have to reflect and learn from past performance and results. Everyone is measured against our company mission (ideas, relationships and results) and our values (bravery, integrity and passion). This creates consistency in our expectations of performance and behaviour in a simple language that everyone understands and can connect with. So unlike some organisations, our company vision, mission and values are more than just words on the wall, they say who we are and the way we do things.

We know that the work we do, the career we aspire to and the personal life we lead have to be balanced and fulfilling. This is why our PB conversations cover all three areas so that every employee has an opportunity to connect the work they do with our big business goals, discuss their career aspirations for the next 1, 3 and 10 years and what they dream to achieve in their personal life. When you have such clarity of work, career, personal goals and the support in place to achieve them you’ve hit the jackpot. There’s no stopping you!

Learning plays a huge part in Personal Best which is why we have invested so much in our new Learning Hub (LMS), our Academy Programmes and funded a partnership with Nottingham Trent University to offer management degrees for our aspiring Next Generation Leaders. Every year we aim to improve the PB experience our people have and this year we are doing this by connecting the results they want with the learning they need to be a success. Learning is now accessible to everyone who has the desire to grow and fulfil their potential. Our academy programmes offer online, classroom, 121, webinar and self teach learning options and our content is completely bespoke to our business, our goals and our people.

We all want to live our best life but the scales can sometimes tip and the pressure of work and life can affect everyone in different ways. This is why we are about to launch our new people initiative MeSpace. A learning platform which encourages and enables our people to make the time to invest in their personal wellbeing, health and happiness. This is more than your run of the mill employee assistance programme, our people will have access to a variety of resources which will support them through life’s everyday issues and concerns relating to family, health, life, money and work. This was an idea born from our last people engagement survey and a promise we are delivering on.

To ask for personal best results from your employees, you have to offer them the best career experience in return. We are committed to becoming one of the best employers in the UK. Impossible to some, inevitable to us.”